'Working together to promote premier, multi-disciplinary research and development in the area of minerals beneficiation'

HeadRoom (2016)

HeadRoom are mining practitioners that care about the sustainability of all facets of the mineral beneficiation value chain, the environment that it operates in and the social context which grants it licence to operate. They are focused on innovation and collaboration to achieve engineered solutions to complex problems. They have successfully implemented sustainable turnaround solutions for mining operations that were previously marginal.

After an initial meeting in Rustenburg, HeadRoom members Craig Sweet, Rassie Erasmus, Clem Sweet, Jacobus Malan and Wayne Sweet attended the MtM Research Day on 28th September and added valuable context and application to the discussion of post graduate student projects. Discussions are underway to map suitable collaborative projects that harness the potential and multi-dispilinarity of HeadRoom and MtM.