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Thursday Forum


You are kindly invited to The Forum
on Thursday, the 14th of June 2018 (13:00)

Please come as early as 12:50

Venue: Garnet Room, New Engineering Building

Dealing with the passing of a dear friend

22 Sept 1958 to 7 June 2018

With the passing of such a remarkable and loving person as Dee Bradshaw who touched each of us in her own special way – there comes a multitude of new and unfamiliar emotions. This weeks’ Forum focuses on helping us understand and process these emotions.

In honour of her life and her work - particularly her contributions to the UCT community, we would like to reserve some time to commemorate her and comfort one another through this difficult time. This session will be facilitated by Gillian Fowler, a clinical psychologist who will give us some guidance on how to deal with these emotions, answering question such as “What should we expect to feel?” and “How can we deal with these feelings?“. Following this, there will be an opportunity for discussion, which in itself will represent a safe space for individuals to come together and show support for one another.

The Department of Chemical Engineering will also host a formal Celebration of Dee Bradshaw’s Life on 18 June 2018 at 10:30 in the Chemical Engineering tea room. Everyone is invited to come and share their memories and to celebrate her life.

You are welcome to email anyone from the forum team for any queries.