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Value from Waste

The development of methods for the extraction of metals from e-waste, particularly printed circuit boards, using various hydrometallurgical and bio-hydrometallurgical methods, has been an ongoing research area in CeBER and more recently in MtM. Thandazile Moyo has been awarded an NRF post-doctoral fellowship to develop this further and Zaynab Sadan, in her MSc Eng project, is weighing up the value of extracting post-consumer waste, including the assessment of sustainability criteria. A proposal developed in collaboration MiLA and CeBER to use a techno-environmental and socio-economic framework for doing this has been submitted to the DST for funding. The potential to extend and develop this initiative into UCT’s Urban Mine by including social innovation and the formation of a social enterprise is being discussed with the Bertha Centre at the Graduate School of Business and the d-school of Design Thinking. Another aspect to urban mining is generating value in the form of fine chemicals from waste tyres, which is the topic of Alvira’s Mentoor’s PhD. Together with the development of tools and methodologies for (geological) mine waste, these projects form part of the continuing theme ‘Value from Waste’.




Thandazile Moyo Project Title: Urban Mining
Supervisors: Dr Divine Fuh (Department of Social Anthropology, UCT); A/Prof Jenny Broadhurst

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Zynab Sadan
MSc (commenced 2016)
Project Title: Development of a process flow sheet for selective metal recovery from waste printed circuit boards and its evaluation using a techno- environmental and socio-economic framework
Supervisors: Prof Jochen Petersen; Prof Dee Bradshaw; Thandazile Moyo

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