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New Initiatives and Evolving Research

The MtM research programme has been constantly evolving since its inception in 2007 as projects develop and new partnerships are formed, expanding opportunities and opening up previously unexplored research areas. Following the appointment of Professor Dee Bradshaw as the new SARChI Chair in Minerals Beneficiation and Director of MtM at the end of 2015, MtM’s research network and capacity has been expanded, providing the opportunity for creating a number of new research initiatives.

In line with the expanding initiatives in 2016, the research has been re-categorised and focused into the following five ‘higher level themes’.


In all these themes, understanding and new knowledge is being developed that will provide decision making tools, although it is recognised that many of the projects span more than one theme. There are currently more than 20 research programmes and projects spanning these research themes either underway or in development. These include ARD mitigation, Circular Economy Engineering, Dry Processing, Dust, Urban Mining, Industrial Minerals, REEs, Geometallurgy, and incorporating sustainability risk through operationalising SDGs.