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Mining Indaba Day 4: The Democratic Republic of Congo – poised for mining success?

7 Feb 2019 - 18:15

Mining Indaba Day 4: The Democratic Republic of Congo – poised for mining success?

As the 25th Mining Indaba comes to the end, it’s time for reflection on what has been a busy week of business, networking and engagement on mining issues across the borders. In the mining industry we know that different countries have different types of natural resource. At the moment a lot of attention is focussed naturally enough on how mining can supply resources to support the future of electronics, battery metals and digital technology during the fourth industrial revolution.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of those resource-rich countries and is known to be potentially the richest country resource-wise in the world. The DRC has been present from the beginning of the Mining Indaba although it had a modest stand or kiosk to showcase investment opportunities in that country. Apart from being an active player in the Francomines group, the DRC was keen to explain that the government is optimistic on what the future holds for the people. Issues that representatives of the Ministry of the Mines raised include:

1) The need to stabilise the economic landscape in that country. It is obvious that investors demand stability.
2) The mining code that is disputed by some stakeholders is a product of many years of discussion. It is surprising that certain mining companies dispute it even today.