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Systemic Projects


Jude Bonsu
Project title - Completed

A Systemic Study of accident causality in South African Mines
(Supervisors: Dr. A. J. Isafiade, Dr. Wynand van Dyk)
The South African mining industry is known for its high accident rate. A proper understanding of accident causality is a key factor in the attempt to achieve safer industry. Read more...

Clive Mwansa
MPhil Project title

An analysis of mining accidents at Mopani Copper Mine’s Mufulira site through a systemic approach to ascertain the cause of accidents in the mining industry
(Duration: March 2014 to Dec 2015)
Accidents in the mining industry are a major threat to the sustainability of the industry. It is therefore, very paramount that accident causal factors are understood in the quest to prevent accidents in the mining industry. Read more...

Daniel Mabeti
MPhil Project title

A systematic study of mining accidents causality: An analysis of mining accidents from a copper mining company in Zambia
(Duration: 2014 to 2015)
The research project is on systematic study of mining causality accidents in the copper mining industry of Zambia. This study aims at demonstrating how a systemic approach can be applied to the analysis of the causes of accidents in the copper mines in Zambia. Read more...