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Energy Optimisation

Lehlogonolo Chiloane
Project title - Completed

Solar Energy in the Minerals Processing Industry: Identifying the First Opportunities
(Supervisors: Assoc Prof H von Blottnittz, Dr J Petersen, Prof J-P Franzidis)
Solar energy, particularly electricity generated from the solar resource, has long been thought to be amongst the most expensive energy products: however, electricity shortages, rising electricity tariffs and the pressure on industries in South Africa to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions mean that solar energy options may be worth another look, especially as technical and market innovations within the field of solar energy are emerging constantly. Read more...

Oliver Johnston
Project title - Completed
A framework for evaluating energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions within South Africa’s mineral industry
(Supervisors: Dr B Cohen, Prof J-P Franzidis)
This project, commenced in 2010, aims to evaluate decision making surrounding the intensive energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emission of South Africa’s mineral industry. Read more...