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Thandazile Moyo
PhD Project title

A Comparative Electrochemical and Leach Study of the Oxidative Dissolution of Chalcopyrite in Ammoniacal Solutions
(Duration: Oct 2012 to June 2016)
The surface chemistry of chalcopyrite in different aqueous media during leaching remains poorly understood despite the many years of research in the subject. Read more...

Mpho Namane
MSc Project title - Completed

An initial electrochemical study into the bioleaching of chalcopyrite  
(Supervisors: Dr J Petersen, Prof S Harrison, Prof J-P Franzidis)
Numerous studies have focussed on the kinetics of ferrous iron oxidation by micro-organisms and mineral oxidation by ferric ions in solution. However, the interactions between the minerals and the micro-organisms attached to the mineral surface are still only partially understood. Read more...