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Multiphase Flow

Multiphase Flow

Harish Appa

Project title - Completed
Numerical modelling of an autoclave
(Supervisors: Assoc Prof D Deglon, Dr CJ Meyer and Prof J-P Franzidis)
There are many stages involved in the extraction of minerals. Various vessels with unique characteristics are used for each of them. The autoclave is one of the vessels commonly used in the leaching process. The vessel is normally divided into a number of compartments, each agitated by an impeller and separated by weir walls. Read more...

Case Bakker
PhD Project title - Completed

Numerical modelling of non-Newtonian slurry in a mechanical flotation cell
Certain slurries used in minerals processing are known to exhibit non-Newtonian rheology, particularly at finer particle sizes and higher solid concentrations. It is also known that a cavern containing yielded fluid surrounded by stagnant fluid forms around the impeller during the agitation of non-Newtonian fluids exhibiting yield stresses. In this PhD project, commenced in 2007, such a cavern was hypothesised to occur inside mechanical flotation cells, with possible adverse effects on fluid hydrodynamics. Read more...

Mihajlo Dabic
MSc (Eng) Project title - Completed

CFD-DEM Coupling Simulation on the effect of Acoustic Standing Waves on Particles in a moving Fluid Medium
(Supervisors: Prof D Deglon, Dr C Meyer)
Graduated: 2013
Mihajlo Dabic (MSc) carried out numerical modelling of the motion of particles in an ultrasonic field.  His very fundamental “blue-sky” project was aimed at developing totally new ways of separating particles from bubbles or droplets. Read more...

Bothle Mokgethi
MSc Project title
- Completed
Investigating the Effect of Turbulence on Crystallisation Kinetics
(Supervisors: Assoc Prof DA Deglon, Prof AE Lewis and Prof J-P Franzidis)
The move to cleaner production has led to process industry aiming at producing chemicals in a pure form and at the lowest possible cost. In practice this has resulted in a shift from treating processes as ‘black boxes’ towards developing more concise models which reveal what happens within these ‘black boxes’. Read more...

Evan Smuts
PhD Project title

A Methodology for Coupled CFD-DEM Modelling of Particulate Suspension Rheology
(Duration: 2010 to 2015)
Flow properties, or rheology, of particulate suspensions are highly dependent on the properties of the particles suspended within the base fluid (e.g. size, shape and surface properties). Read more...