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AMD Mitigation

Tapiwa Chimbganda
Project title - Completed

An integrated approach for mitigating the acid rock drainage (ARD) associated with pyrrhotite in nickel deposits
The non-stoichiometric sulphide mineral pyrrhotite (Fe1-xS) occurs commonly in many different base metal and precious metal ore deposits (e.g. Ni-Cu, Pb-Zn and PGE). Read more...

Noluntu Dyanti
MSc Project title - Completed

Application of mineralogy in the interpretation of laboratory scale acid rock drainage (ARD) prediction: A gold case study
(Supervisors: Dr M Becker, Dr J Broadhurst, Prof S Harrison)
Graduated: 2014
Gold mining is a major contributor to the South African economy, but is associated with several environmental issues such as acid rock drainage (ARD). ARD is due to the oxidation of sulfides in gold tailings and is characterised by low pH, high sulfate content and elevated concentrations of heavy metals that contaminates scarce water resources and subsequently limits the use of such waters without treatment. Read more...

Bridget Fundikwa
MSc Project title

A pre-pilot feasibility study on the use of froth flotation for coal recovery and sulphur removal from fine coal waste
(Duration: 2014 to 2015)
Currently the coal mining industry produces approximately 12 million tonnes of coal ultrafine wastes each year, most of which is dumped in tailing slurry dams. Read more...

Alex Hesketh
MSc Project title - Completed

An Integrated Approach to Base Metal Sulphide Tailings Management and AMD Mitigation
(Supervisors: Prof S Harrison, Dr J Broadhurst and Prof J-P Franzidis)
This post-graduate project addresses the issue of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) from mine residue deposits of base metal sulfide mining operations, through the use of ‘sulfide-rich’ and ‘benign’ gangue classification. Read more...

Judith Irola (Onyinye)
MSc Project title

Comparison of froth flotation and gravity separation of the Waterberg and Witbank coal ultrafines in terms of mitigating ARD potential
(Duration: Feb 2013 to June 2015)
In South Africa, over 10 million tons of ultrafine coal wastes are discarded every year, typically in the form of ultrafine slurries. Read more...

Christian Kazadi Mbamba
MSc Project title - Completed

Mitigation of acid rock drainage risks associated with coal slurry by means of froth flotation techniques
(Supervisors: Prof J-P Franzidis; Prof S Harrison and Dr J Broadhurst)
The South African coal processing sector currently generates more than 12 million tons of ultrafine slurry per annum, the majority of which is disposed of in slimes dams. Read more...

Lerato Kotelo
Project title - Completed
Sulphur deportment and related impacts in the coal sector: A focus on acid rock drainage
(Supervisors: Dr J Broadhurst, Prof S Harrison, Prof J-P Franzidis)
South Africa relies heavily on its coal reserves. However, the anthropogenic activities associated with coal exploitation pose a threat to the environment at large. Read more...

Chucky Kunene
Project title

Life cycle assessment of the production of xanthate salts and of their application for ARD mitigation
Xanthate salts are commonly used as collectors in the mineral processing of sulphide ores. In more recent studies conducted at the University of Cape Town and in Canada, xanthate has been used in the desulphurization flotation of copper sulphide tailings and coal waste to mitigate acid rock drainage (ARD) risks. Read more...

Alex Opitz
PhD Project title

The Development of an Integrated Approach for the Prediction of Acid Rock Drainage from Waste Rock
(Duration: 2015 to 2019)
The formation of acid rock drainage (ARD) poses a serious environmental risk associated with the mining of sulphidic hard-rock ores and coal. Acidity generated from sulphide oxidation leads to an increase in heavy metals concentrations and salinity in the surrounding environment. Read more...

Nathan Simunika
Project title - Completed
Predicting the time-related generation of acid rock drainage from mine waste
(Supervisors: Dr JL Broadhurst, Associate Prof J Petersen and Prof S Harrison)
The extraction and processing of sulphide ores generates large volumes of waste. The disposal of these wastes in dumps and/or impoundments has the potential to cause prolonged pollution of local water resources through the generation of acid rock drainage (ARD) over the long-term. Read more...