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Prof Dee Bradshaw

SA Research Chair in Minerals Beneficiation
Director, Minerals to Metals Initiative
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Cape Town
P/Bag Rondebosch 7700,
South Africa

T:  +27 21 650 5508
F:  +27 21 650 5501



BSc ChemE UCT (1981), PhD UCT (1997)


Dee Bradshaw is the UCT hosted South African Research Chair: Mineral Beneficiation at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and the Director of UCT’s Minerals to Metals Signature Theme. She is also an Honorary Professor at the Sustainable Minerals Institute at The University of Queensland (UQ). Her focus in on ‘adding value’ from minerals resources by developing technical levers that incorporate sustainability principles to contribute to the provision of minerals and metals to a sustainable world. With over 30 years of experience, Dee’s background is in Flotation Chemistry and Process Mineralogy with her interests expanding into other aspects of the field as she continues to work towards the ‘Development of an Integrated Mineralogical Framework for Mineral Processing from ore deposit, through breakage and separation, including the effects of texture on liberation, of valuable from unwanted minerals to disposal of waste and tailings’ (first articulated in 2005). She has been responsible for initiating, setting up and participating in post graduate courses in flotation chemistry, process mineralogy, geometallurgy and building research capacity in general at the UCT, UQ, U of Tasmania and HU. She has participated in JKTech’s MetSkills program for Metallurgical Training as well as many professional development courses for industry in South Africa, Australia, Canada and Turkey. This includes her participation as a visiting scholar (2014/ 2015) for the European Master in Georesources Engineering in activities at the University of Liege, Belgium and the Lulea Technical University, Sweden. She delivered a 2 day course ‘Sustainability in mining’ in Oct 2014 at the Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta Chile.She has supervised over 40 post graduate research students and co-authored over 150 journal and conference papers. In 2013 she was recognised by the University of Queensland as a leader who nurtures and develops her graduate students, a concept she calls ‘Living Gold’ (‎)






SARChI Chair Mineral Beneficiation, Director of UCT’s Minerals to Metals Signature Theme,UCT
2014 Visiting Professor Hacettepe University, Honorary Professor, UQ
2008-2014 Professorial Research Fellow, JKMRC, Sustainable Minerals Institute, UQ
2007 Research Sabbatical Rio Tinto, Sustainable Minerals Institute, UQ
1998-2005 Centre for Minerals Research, Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT

Research Interests

From a career that focused on the flotation process and interactions at mineral/water/air interfaces, focus has evolved towards understanding the interactions that occur at the society/technology/policy interfaces. The development of ‘T’ shaped professionals that can contribute technical depth as well as breadth by working in interdisciplinary teams. This will build future leadership capacity through education, research and engagement and international communities of practice and contribute to the sustainability of the provision of minerals and metals to the world.

Selected current projects

2013-present Operationalising the global sustainability goals (SDGs)

2013-present Development of an Integrated Mineralogical Framework for Mineral Processing from ore deposit, through breakage and separation, including the effects of texture on liberation, of valuable from unwanted minerals to disposal of waste and tailings.

2013-present Dry processing

Selected publications

Broadhurst, J., Harrison, S.T.L., Petersen, J., Franzidis, J.-P. and Bradshaw, D. A. 2016. Research and Education Framework to Support the Development of a Sustainable and Socially Responsible Mining Industry in Africa. In Devasahayam, S., Dowling, K. and Mahapatra, M.K. (Eds.), Sustainability in the Mineral and Energy Sectors, Chapter 29, pp 563-576. CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA. ISBN-13: 978-1498733021.

Lotter, N.O., Bradshaw, D.J. and Barnes, A.R. 2016. Classification of the Major Copper Sulphides into semiconductor types, and associated flotation characteristics Minerals Engineering 96–97 (2016) 177–184.

Bradshaw D. J. 2014. The role of ‘process mineralogy’ in improving the process performance of complex sulphide ores. In Proceedings. Juan Yianatos, XXVII International Mineral Processing Congress - IMPC 2014, Santiago Chile, October 2014, vol 14, pp 1-23.

Edraki, M., Baumgart, T., Manlapig, E., Bradshaw, D., Franks, D. and Moran, C. 2014 Designing mine tailings for better environmental, social and economic outcomes: a review of alternative approaches. Journal of Cleaner Production, vol 84 pp 411-420.

Bradshaw, D. J. and F. Vos. 2013 The development of a small scale test for rapid characterisation of flotation response (JKMSI). 45th Annual Canadian Mineral Processors Operators Conference. Ottawa, Canada, January 22-24, 2013: p. 43-57.

Bradshaw, D., Triffett, B. and Kashuba. D. 2011. The role of process mineralogy in identifying the cause of the low recovery of chalcopyrite at KUCC. ICAM Norway. 1-5 August.

Bradshaw, D.J., Wiese, J.G., Becker, M. and Harris P.J .2006 Invited keynote. Incorporating mineralogical assessment onto analysis of flotation behaviour. UK Minerals Conference, Imperial College, London 13-14th Sept 2006.