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Prof Aubrey Mainza

Centre for Minerals Research
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Cape Town
P/Bag Rondebosch 7701

T: + 27 (0)21 650 5511
F: + 27 (0)21 650 5501



B.Min.Sc University of Zambia (1998), PhD Mech Eng UCT (2006)


Prof Aubrey Mainza graduated with a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Metallurgy and Mineral Processing) from the University of Zambia in 1998. He completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering (specializing in the areas of comminution and classification in mineral processing) at UCT in 2006. He joined the Centre for Minerals Research as a Research Officer in 2002, then became a Senior Research Officer and in 2007 he took up the role of Head of Comminution Research in the Centre for Minerals Research. In 2008 Aubrey was appointed as Senior Lecturer and took an active role in undergraduate teaching core Chemical Engineering and Minerals Elective Courses within the Department of Chemical Engineering. Aubrey become an Associate Professor in 2013 and a Professor at the beginning of 2016. Aubrey is the currently the Deputy Director and Heads of Comminution research for the CMR, and participates extensively in collaborative research with international universities, mining companies, and comminution and classification equipment manufacturers. 


2016-present Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT
2008-2015 Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT
2008-2012 Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT
2002-2008 Research Officer/ Senior Research Officer, Department of Chemical Engineering, UCT
1997 Student Engineer, Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) Ltd
1996-1997 Student Engineer, Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) Ltd

Selected Publications

A.N. Mainza, M. Narasimha., M.S. Powell., P.N. Holtham., M. Brennan. Study of flow behaviour in a three-product cyclone using computational fluid dynamics. Minerals Engineering., Volume 19, Issue 10, August 2006, Pages 1048–1058

M. Becker., A.N. Mainza., M.S. Powell., D.J. Bradshaw., B. Knopjes. Quantifying the influence of classification with the 3 product cyclone on liberation and recovery of PGMs in UG2 ore. Minerals Engineering, Volume 21, Issue 7, June 2008, Pages 549–558

M.S. Powell, A.P. van der Westhuizen, A.N. Mainza. Applying grindcurves to mill operation and optimisation. Minerals Engineering, Volume 22, Issues 7–8, June–July 2009, Pages 625–632.

I. Govender.,P.W. Cleary., A.N. Mainza. Comparisons of PEPT derived charge features in wet milling environments with a friction-adjusted DEM model.Chemical Engineering Science,Volume 97, 28 June 2013, Pages 162–175.