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Prof Alison Lewis

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
Director, Crystallization and Precipitation Unit (CPU)
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Cape Town
P/Bag Rondebosch 7701

T: + 27 (0)21 650 2701



AE Lewis, PrEng BSc(Eng)Chem MSc(Eng) PhD Cape Town FSAIChE FSAIMM MASSAf FSAAE FIChemE


Alison Lewis graduated with a BSc (Chem Eng), MSc (Chem Eng) and PhD, all from UCT, and is a registered Professional Engineer. She is the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of Cape Town, and still maintains her position as Director of the Crystallization and Precipitation Unit in the Chemical Engineering Department. The Research Unit is one of the accredited research units at UCT. The Research Unit has national and international recognition as specialists in the field of Industrial Crystallization and Precipitation, especially in hydrometallurgical applications. Water and brine treatment have become an increasingly important focus of the Unit’s activities.

The Research Unit is funded by a range of national and international mineral and chemical processing companies and consists of four staff members and 4 postgraduate students. The outputs of the research unit include 43 postgraduate degrees, 62 international peer-reviewed journal publications, one patent, eight books and chapters in books, and 57 international conference presentations.


June 2015- present Dean, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, UCT
2013- May 2015 Head of Department, Chemical Engineering Department, UCT
2010-2014 University of Cape Town Orator, which involved preparing and delivering citations for the conferment of honorary degrees or any citations at the invitation of the Vice-Chancellor,
2006-present Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, UCT
2001-2006 Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, UCT
1995-2001 Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering Department, UCT
1994-1995 Post-Doctoral Research Officer, Water Research Group, Civil Engineering Department (UCT)
1990-1993 PhD Civil Engineering (UCT)
1988-1989 Process Engineer, South African Nylon Spinners
1986-1987 MSc Chemical Engineering (UCT)
1981-1985 BSc Chemical Engineering (UCT)

Study and Research Appointments

Dec 2016: Visiting Professor, Group for Molecular Engineering of Functional Materials (GMF), Institute of Chemical Science and Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Sion, Valais, Switzerland

Jan – May 2009: Visiting Professor, University of Mauritius

Jan – Dec 2003: Visiting Research Associate, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, Sheffield University, United Kingdom

Selected Recent Publications

Lewis, A.E., McMichael, L. and Glazewski J., 2016. Chapter 9: Water Quality, Fracking Fluids and Legal Disclosure. Shale gas mining/hydraulic fracturing in the Karoo: implications for South Africa, Juta and Co., (in press)

Lewis, A.E., Seckler, M., Kramer, H.J.M. and van Rosmalen, G.M., 2015. Industrial Crystallization: Fundamentals and Applications, Cambridge University Press

Jooste, D. Chivavava, J., and Lewis, A.E. 2016. Ice scaling in continuous Eutectic Freeze Crystallization. (In prep)

Mayer de Andrade Becheleni, E. Rodriguez Pascual, Lewis, A.E, and Ferreira Rocha, S.D., 2016. Phenol influence on sodium sulfate decahydrate and ice crystals during Eutectic Freeze Crystallization, Separation Science and Technology (submitted)

Hasan, M., Filimonov, R., Chivavava, J., Sorvari, J., Louhi-Kultananen, M. and Lewis, A.E. 2016. Ice growth on cooling surface of a jacketed and stirred Eutectic Freeze Crystallizer from aqueous Na2SO4 solution, Separation and Purification Technology Journal, (in press).

Peters E., Chivavava, J., Rodriquez Pascual M. and Lewis A. 2016. Effect of a phosphonate antiscalant during Eutectic Freeze Crystallization of a sodium sulphate waste stream, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 55 (35), 9378-9386

Gqebe, S., Rodriguez Pascual, M, Lewis, A.E., 2016. Modification of the zeta potential of copper sulphide by the application of a magnetic field in order to improve particle settling, JSAIMM 116 (6) 575-580

Hendricks, U., Rodriguez Pascual, M., Banfield, J., and Lewis, A.E., 2015. Measuring precipitation kinetics of sparingly soluble salts using shock-freeze TEM, Journal of Crystal Growth 432, 108-115.