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Lehlogonolo Chiloane

MSc (Eng) Project title
Solar Energy in the Minerals Processing Industry: Identifying the First Opportunities
(Supervisors: Prof H von Blottnittz, A/Prof J Petersen, Prof J-P Franzidis)
Graduated: 2012
Solar energy, particularly electricity generated from the solar resource, has long been thought to be amongst the most expensive energy products: however, electricity shortages, rising electricity tariffs and the pressure on industries in South Africa to reduce energy-related greenhouse gas emissions mean that solar energy options may be worth another look, especially as technical and market innovations within the field of solar energy are emerging constantly.

The focus of this research was on the use of solar energy technologies available at a utility scale to supply the high energy demand of the minerals processing industry, by co-locating a solar power plant directly next to a Minerals Processing refinery. It involved the use of different flowsheets for typical operations to quantify their energy usage and assess the viability of using solar energy, thereby reducing dependence on fossil based fuels.






Research Outputs
Chiloane, L., Petersen, J., Von Blottnitz, H. and Franzidis, J.-P. 2013. Towards a framework for analysing co-location of utility scale solar power plants within metallurgical operations. In S. Winchester, F. Valenzuela and D. Mulligan (eds), Proceedings of the 3rd International Seminar on Environmental Issues in Mining (Enviromine 2013), 4-6 December 2013, Santiago, Chile. Santiago, Chile: Gecamin. ISBN 9789569393044