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Corey Beavon



MPhil in Sustainable Mineral Development (commenced 2016)

Project title: Relationship between mining and the green economy in South Africa

Supervisors: Prof Dee Bradshaw; Prof Harro von Blottnitz






There has been much discourse and research on the subject of the green economy. This has appeared in policy and is a priority of the South African Government; however, much of this research neglects the mining and metals industry, which is central to the South African economy. This study will attempt to frame the role of the mining and metals industry of South Africa in its transition toward a green economy. It will seek to provide research that is cognisant of both social and natural factors in outlining the role of the mining industry in the transition toward a green economy. It will try to identify the opportunities that a green transition might have for the mining industry, what problems it might bring, and how the mining industry could aid this transition. It will utilise quantitative methodologies (material flow analysis) and qualitative methodologies such as surveys to reveal to the perceptions and expectations of stakeholders in the mining industry.