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Visiting scholar at Centre for Mineral Research,

4 Apr 2016 - 21:15
Dr Grant Ballantyne visiting scholar and Dr Edson Charikinya
Dr Grant Ballantyne visiting scholar working with Dr Edson Charikinya on CEEC Energy curves

The UCT Centre for Mineral Research welcomed University of Queensland’s (UQ) Dr Grant Ballantyne as a visiting scholar from April 4-8, 2016. Ballantyne’s visit was very timely as the Centre finalised its submission to the World Economic Forum’s ‘Mapping Mining to the Sustainable Development Goals: A preliminary Atlas”. Ballantyne made a substantial contribution to this work, in particular to Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Energy). Ballantyne based his input on his research at UQ and work with CEEC International, the not-for-profit industry body addressing best practice in energy efficient mineral processing. 

Ballantyne was also in Cape Town to deliver the first South African workshop on the CEEC energy curves. This unique program allows companies to confidentially establish their current energy efficiency baseline for comminution, and identify areas for immediate improvement. Critical to the extension of this transformational program is the establishment of technical champions around the globe, who can provide education on this program. Ballantyne worked closely with UCT’s Edson Chairilkinya, the new technical champion for CEEC in South Africa. Chairilkinya was well placed to assist Ballantyne in the CEEC workshop held on April 10, prior to the opneing of the  2016 Comminution conference.

Going forward the collaboration will also involve working with Dee and Aubrey.