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Operationalising the SDGs for mining in Emerging Economies

14 Jun 2016 - 10:30
Mike Solomon in discussion with 4th year students working on SDGs
Mike Solomon in discussion with 4th year chemical engineering students Minenhle Teresa Moyo and Otinell Dlamini

Mike Solomon led project with 4th year vacation students where the objective was to assess comparative levels of alignment of companies’ reported information with the objectives of the SDGs. The students were allocated companies. For each company they collected information on current practices in the sector through analysis of public domain information.  Where possible they reviewed key company documents, including: i) Integrated Annual Reports, ii) Company policies, iii) Operating Procedures, iv) Environmental Management Plans, v) Corporate Social Investment Programmes, vi) Social and Labour Plans and v) Mining Charter compliance.  They submitted a gap analysis and this will be further analysed. Mike and Dee will attend a WEF meeting in NY 20th Sept  to further discuss this project .